Point Spread Betting In The NBA Explained

NBA games are always action-packed to the maximum. A whole lot of blood, sweat and tears go into each and every game. For sports betting fanatics, every game is the perfect way to analyze the NBA odds and lock in some betting lines.

Everyone loves NBA tips, especially if they can make you some money. The final score isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to NBA betting!

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Guide To Winning Bets on Basketball Point Spreads

Spread betting is a fun way for fans and sports betting fundis to monetize their favourite games.

Bettors can cash in on some of the juiciest upsets and mismatches in the NBA. They can choose to back the underdog or spread bet on who will win or lose the game outright.

Point Spreads In Basketball Explained

You may have heard the term 'cover the spread' before but not really understood what that meant.

In any game, there is a favourite and an underdog. The favourite has a minus indicated next to their name and the underdog has a plus next to theirs.

Oddsmakers weigh up the form of the players, if they have the home ground advantage or not, and a multitude of other factors before placing their wagers.

Point spread betting makes mismatches more equal for bettors. For example, the New York Knicks play a game against the Lakers.

The New York Knicks are the favourite (-) and the Lakers have lower odds of winning (+).

The point spread bet is 13.5. So how does the wager work for each team?

The New York Knicks have to win the game by 14 points for a bettor to win the wager. However, the Lakers need to win outright or lose by less than 14 points to cover the spread.

The team the bettor places their bet on needs to cover the spread for the bettor to win.

Guide To Reading Basketball Spreads

The team with a positive number of points next to their name before the points spread is the underdog.

The team with a negative number of points next to their name (minus sign) is the favourite to win the game.

Betting for the spread means that the favourite would have to win by more points than the spread.

Betting against the spread (ATS) means that the underdog would have to win outright or lose by less than the points spread for a bettor to cash in.

How Much Does It Cost To Place A Bet

The cost of a wager is called the 'vig' in basketball terms. Essentially what this means is that if the team is the favourite, the wager price is different to if the team is the underdog.

For example, Miami Heat +3.5 and the vig is +130. This means that a $100 bet wins $130.

On the other hand, Celtics -3.5 and the vig is -130. This means that to win $100, a bettor needs to wager $130.

NBA point spread betting considers how many points the spread is.

Betting Tips For NBA ATS

NBA point spread bets can be tricky, which is why bettors need to do a lot of research before placing a wager.

If you're backing the underdog, you're hoping that they'll win outright or lose with fewer points than the spread number.

If you're backing the favourite, you're hoping that they win by more points than the spread number.

Two teams don't have the same odds and oddsmakers consider as many statistics and factors as possible before placing wagers. They consider injuries, team morale and the venue.

The most popular way to choose winning teams is to factor in previous records of winning and losing and back the team with higher odds. A good bet is always up to chance and bettors need to be careful not to develop a gambling problem.

Understanding Your NBA Matchups

Before placing a bet, research and analyze all the data available because within it lies so much value. Teams' odds are determined by their strengths and weaknesses.

As is the case with any sport, including NBA basketball, no amount of research can guarantee you a 100% winning record. It all boils down to the day and many bettors go with their gut.

Win or lose, bettors can profit on NBA spreads. Individual games are worth a big bet while others aren't even worth a bet. Covering the spread and winning bets is what motivates sports bettors to keep on betting.

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NBA Point Spread FAQs

Explaining A 'Push' In NBA Spread Betting?

A push is when the result ends in a tie between the bettor and the sportsbook. The point spread hits the exact number and neither party wins nor losses, and the funds are returned.

How Do I Place An NBA Point Spread Bet?

You can place a points spread bet on any of the registered betting sites. You can also place bets in person at any regulated sportsbook.

What Are The Odds In Points Spread Betting?

What are the odds for a point spread? Favourite teams have a minus sign next to their name, and underdogs have a plus sign next to their name.

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