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Around The Hill, 3/4/2022: Devin Lloyd, OL Coach Jim Harding, DOWN WITH WAZZU

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In Football News...

  • It was Devin Lloyd’s turn for the Scalley highlight tape.
  • O-Line Coach Jim Harding is making sure our O-Line is staying fed during the offseason.
  • The Utes had 3-star OLB/Edge Whit Powell on campus for a visit.

In Basketball News...

  • The women’s basketball team is headed to the SEMIFINALS! A commanding, double-digit upset victory over #3 seeded Washington State.
  • This is amazing. Let’s keep it going in the Semifinals!

In Gymnastics News...

  • PACK THE HUNTSMAN. It’s the final meet of the season for gymnastics tonight and the final game for the men’s basketball team is tomorrow.

Other Utah Sports News...

  • Mark your calendars for the NCAA Skiing National Championship! It will be happening here in Utah in both Park City and Soldier Hollow.
  • The #27 Women’s Tennis team will take on #21 USC and #16 UCLA this weekend. Click here to read more about the team and the upcoming matchups.