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What If......? - Moments in University of Utah Sports History

NCAA Football: Utah Spring Game Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Sports are defined by moments of “What If...” Since the inevitable end to Utah’s football and basketball seasons back in January and March, I’ve been obsessed with watching ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentaries or going on YouTube and watching NFL Film’s Top 10 What if moments as well as other sports documentaries.

After watching these it inspired me to apply those same theories to Utah sports and ask the what-if questions to a number of Utah Sports moments. For example, what if Urban Meyer stayed at Utah and didn’t leave for the Florida job, Rick Majerus continued coaching at Utah, or what if Coach Whit left for another job.

I’d like to start the series as soon as possible but I also wanted to open it up to our community and get your thoughts and insight. I don’t plan on this being an intensive what-if scenario dissecting every potential fallout but more of my general thoughts as well as an open dialogue from all of you. It’s also just a great way to kill time over the summer and get more excited for the return of Utah Football.

With that please post your comments about some potential “What if” moments in Utah Utes sports history and tune in to this thread over the summer.