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Holy War

Hays '12

Who should lead Utah's offense - Jon Hays or Travis Wilson?

Provo Shore

Oh yeah, this one's going to be a hit...

It's ... rivalry week?

It's rivalry week ... but does it feel like rivalry week?

BYU (2-0) @ Utah (1-1)


A final word on the Utah-BYU rivalry

Utah isn't the bogeyman for preserving its self-interests. Even so, fans do have a right to be legitimately disappointed the rivalry is taking a hiatus after 2013.

This year's summer blockbuster: The Complainers

The local sports media has dropped the ball on this whole Utah-BYU rivalry hiatus. Instead of offering a true debate, they've given us nothing more than a hyperbole, emotionally-driven scream-fest. When that happens, no one wins.

Apparently, Chris Hill is just killin' everything

Did Utah kill the Holy War? The Deseret News seems to think so.

Don't throw dirt on the Holy War grave just yet

The sobs from Provo are strong tonight

Chin up, BYU. It's nothing personal. We just have to go out on our own now. You'll be fine. Promise.

Utah & BYU reach scheduling deal. Won't play in 2014 & '15, however

Utah & BYU reach a scheduling deal. However, they will take a break for the 2014 & 2015 seasons.

Expectations for 2012: The BYU game

Utah and BYU could be meeting for the final time in a while. Will the Utes win?

No, Utah potentially doing away with the rivalry game has nothing to do with guts

Are the Utes scared to play BYU?

Is the ending of the BYU-Utah rivalry nigh?

Is the Holy War coming to an end? Should it?

Bronco's family Christmas card

Bronco Mendenhall has sent out his personal Christmas card. I was lucky enough to receive a copy.

Could this be the first indication the Utah-BYU rivalry is dying?

No more Holy War? BYU signs mega-series with Boise State, indicating that maybe the Utah-BYU series is coming to an end.

BYU report card

Utah's win over BYU Saturday might've been the most complete effort since the school's victory over Alabama in the 2009 Sugar Bowl. Here are the grades.

Highlights from shock & awe

Utah football has seen its share of blowout losses to BYU on its own home field. Saturday, they finally gave them a taste of their own medicine.

The beauty of the unexpected

Utah's win over BYU was as dominant as it was unexpected. Where does this rank in terms of rivalry victories for the Utes?

Utes embarrass Cougars in epic rout

Utah demolishes BYU in historic beat down that would make Urban Meyer jealous! HOW BOUT THOSE UTES?!?

Utah Utes @ BYU Cougars Game Day Thread

Let's go, Utes! If you're not attending tonight's game, come on over to the official game thread and talk about all the action with your fellow Ute fans!

And it's blocked...

Oh the memories. Let's revisit last year's Holy War!

Holy War Moments: Even Utah cheerleaders kick Cougar ass

Utah and BYU have a long and storied tradition. One of the weirdest moments, though, came in 1999 when a BYU fan charged a Utah cheerleader, only to get his ass handed to him by said cheerleader.

The many faces of Roscoe Mendenhall

Ever wonder what Roscoe is thinking while on the sidelines? Now you don't have to!

Utah (1-1) @ BYU (1-1)

It's September and Utah & BYU are readying to play. I'm not sure I can get used to this. Who wins?

Holy War report card

Utes beat BYU to end the regular season. It wasn't a pretty win, but it still feels pretty damn good.

Utes finally win a close one against BYU

Utah finally gets its close win over the BYU Cougars. Now let's enjoy it.

Brandon Burton's blocked field goal lifts Utes over BYU

Brandon Burton blocks last second field goal, giving the Utes a 17-16 come from behind victory over the hated Cougars!

BYU Cougars @ Utah Utes Game Day Thread

If you're not going to the game, come on by and talk about it in the game thread with other Ute fans!

Utes and Cougars meet one last time as conference mates

The final Holy War of the Mountain West Conference era. Who'll win?

Bronco word graph

Bronco Mendenhall has a way with words...

Utah-BYU Rivalry Week Food Drive

The Annual Utah-BYU Food Drive is underway. Please donate to help those struggling through the Holidays.

Red Blood, Blue Blood documentary

The Utah-BYU rivalry will never be the same after this season. KUED has captured the best of the rivalry for its new documentary.