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Former Runnin' Utes Guard Tony Harvey - Part II

Happy Father's Day to all UtesNation. This is Part II of our interview with former Runnin' Utes guard (and father) Tony Harvey.

Never having played a season at Utah that didn't result in an NCAA Tournament berth, former Runnin' Utes guard was a senior with former forward Alex Jensen (now a coach with the Utah Jazz). Harvey's final year the Utes were ousted in the second round of the NCAA's by Mateen Cleaves and eventual champion Michigan State.

"My senior season," Harvey recalled, "those were the best teammates I ever had, ever in my life, so that was an unbelievable memory. I'm still in contact with most of those guys."

"Days under coach Majerus were tough," Harvey said, "by design. Fall in Utah gave me anxiety."

Harvey recalls enjoying the ESPN Big Monday games Utah played as a member of the Mountain West Conference, but he said waiting for 10 pm Mountain Time was difficult.

"Everyone I knew in California was good," Harvey said. "I don't care if the East Coast media fell asleep. I don't know anyone east of Colorado."

Having watched the post Majerus decline of the men's basketball program, Harvey said he knew it would eventually return. He noted that recently, even in games Utah has lost, the Utes have been competitive and the energy in the Jon M. Huntsman Center has been terrific.

"The university has pride in its basketball and in its sports," Harvey said. "It was hard to watch the struggle, but I hope it returns to the days where its hard for guys like me to get a ticket."

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