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Poinsettia Bowl '09

2009's season is over. Was it as good for you as it was for me?

The 2009 season is in the books. How would you grade it?

Poinsettia Bowl MVP...


Utes roll Cal for ninth straight bowl win

Utes win their ninth straight bowl game behind the arm of Jordan Wynn and the defense of Robert Johnson.

Poinsettia Game Day Thread

The Poinsettia Bowl is here. Will Utah win their ninth straight bowl game?

OMG it's game day!

Utah has proven it can stay with its toughest opponents - but can they beat them? Cal is their last shot.

It's the bear necessities - question and answer period with Berkeley's finest

Getting to know the California Golden Bears through their residential bloggers.

Is the Poinsettia Bowl a must win for Utah?

Utah has failed at gaining one impressive, season-defining victory. Will that change with Cal and does it need to for the Utes to have a successful season?

Cal Golden What?

Cal has struggled at times this season. Do they finally put it together against the Utes?

Cal running back Best out for Poinsettia Bowl

Jahvid Best will miss the Poinsettia Bowl. How much does this change the expectations for the game?

Maximum Bowl Overdrive

Too many bowls? Not enough? Just right?

Utes say they'll stick with wildcat scheme and I die a little inside

The wildcat makes its return. Oh joy!

So, yeah, that whole expectations thing...

Utah has lost all its important games this season. Does that change against Cal in the Poinsettia Bowl?

The Andy Ludwig Bowl - oh he's so dead

Andy Ludwig is now Cal's OC. YAY for Utah? Maybe not...

Utes to face Cal in Poinsettia; Boise State and TCU to the Fiesta

Utah set to face Cal in the 2009 Poinsettia Bowl. I like this. A lot.