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Sugar Bowl

Nick Saban: Tide weren't interested in playing Utah

BCS to Utah: Drop Dead!

Utah, the college football's Oliver Twist.

Roll 'Bama Roll has an interesting debate on Utah

Rick Reilly in Utah's corner

Yes Virginia, they do play football in the Rocky Mountains

Who would have thought they actually play football in the Rocky Mountains?

How it's going to go down...

Utah will get jobbed in the final rankings, here is why.

Texas gets unimpressive win over Ohio State, what does it mean?

Jamal Anderson lays out Utah's case

What they're saying...

Putting context to Utah's historic 13-0 season

Debunking the "they don't deserve it" argument

The Utes deserve the championship despite their detractors.

Sugar Bowl highlights

Contact the AP voters and tell them to vote Utah #1

Utah deserves to be the AP National Champion, contact each voter and give them reasons why you believe Utah should be #!

Utes return home after Sugar Bowl win

How's that song go? Celebrate good times?

National champions? Why not?

Utah should be national champions. It's that simple.


Utes win the Sugar Bowl, finish 13-0!

Utah-Alabama Sugar Bowl Gameday Open Thread

Utah-Alabama Sugar Bowl Gameday Open Thread.

Sugar Bowl photos

Best game of the decide

Utah had its share of memorable games in 2008, but what was your favorite?

Alabama by the numbers

Alabama's offense will provide a challenge for Utah...but why?

Tide suspend left tackle Andre Smith

Game week: Alabama SEC Championship highlights

Alabama highlights and a look at the Tide's loss to Florida.

Utes have arrived in Nawlins!

Win Sugar Bowl tickets

How 'Bama got here

Alabama & Utah might be opponents in the Sugar Bowl, but their path to New Orleans is strikingly similar.

No moral victories

Utah has grown up

Utah football is not only battling Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, they're also battling perception.

What they're saying

Utah is not Hawaii

Anyone who feels the need to compare this year's Utes to last year's Warriors needs to read this.

Biggest game in Utah history

Utah Against the World? You better believe it! And that will prove to be a benefit for Kyle Whittingham and his boys.