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Utah Football Signs OL Scott Peck

Utah continues the trend of going out and getting some big offensive linemen with the signing of Scott Peck,'s top rated offensive lineman coming out of the state of Washington. The three start rated tackle is listed at 6' 6" and 296 pounds according to 247sports, so he's a big boy and will only get bigger.

When you are in the Pac-12, and battle the likes of USC and Stanford, the more offensive linemen you can have, the better, and Utah's been stockpiling them for about four years now. That means that Peck is likely headed for a redshirt, as Utah has about eight linemen that will likely compete for playing time this coming year. Development for a lineman is key anyway, to get the weight up, and to learn technique.

Peck is an early enrollee, so it's nice to see the young tackle on campus, learning the ropes from Jim Harding and crew.

If you watch some of Peck's film, it's evident right away what kind of player Utah is getting. He straight up mauls dudes, and blows holes open right away. Utah did beat out fellow Pac-12er Washington State for Peck's services.