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Utah Football Signs OL Tucker Scott

Utah has went back to the San Clemente well, the home of Travis Wilson, and picked up a three star 6' 5", 260 pound composite offensive tackle with Tucker Scott, the son of former Ute Lance Scott.

Scott will be joining a very deep offensive line, and is likely a redshirt candidate going into the 2016 season for many reasons. One, at 260 pounds, Scott has to put on some weight, and in Utah's strength and condition program that shouldn't be too difficult. Also, the question whether he can play tackle at the Pac-12 level will be determined, as he is close to the right height for that, but his technique will be refined the next year or so.

Scott had offers from BYU, USU and Nevada, while had some interest from Washington, USC, Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State and Colorado.

Utah bolstered their offensive line a lot in the last couple of seasons, and you can never have too much depth there, especially when there will be some graduation from the position in 2016.