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Utah Basketball

Was the Utes’ Season a Success?

We review Utah’s basketball season and decide whether this season should be remembered as a success or a failure.

Utah vs UCLA: It All Comes Down to This

In their final game of the season, the Utes have a chance to secure third place in the Pac-12. They just need one more strong showing and they could complete exceed expectations from the start of the sesaon.

Utah vs USC Game Preview: Nobody Knows Anything Anymore!

Utah vs. Colorado: A Game Preview of a Well-Known and Heated Rivalry

The Utes travel to Colorado to take on the their Pac-12 rivals in an always famous rivalry game. The Buffs and Utes have both been widely inconsistent this year, but both desperately need a win now.

A Philosophical Approach to Utah Basketball (And All Other Sports)

I present a philosophical approach as to why it’s a good thing to continue to invest in the Utes’ basketball season. You have nothing to lose.

Utah vs. Washington: A Game Preview

The bad news: The Utes are playing the best team in the Pac-12. The good news: Utah is on the road.

The Utes are Getting Help Where They Need it the Most

The Utes are coming off a huge win against Arizona. If they want their high level of play to continue against ASU, they’ll need their upperclassmen to continue to step up and carry the load.

Utah Basketball: Reliving the UCLA Game and Looking Forward to the Arizona Game

The Utes pulled off a remarkable comeback that we should take some time to enjoy a little more. They also have a big game against Arizona this week, a team that has traditionally had the upper hand against Utah.

The Pac-12 is Burning

The Pac-12 basketball season has descended into chaos and there is little that can be done to save it. Also, a look ahead at the Utes game against the UCLA Bruins

Staying Positive About Utah Basketball

After a rough week, here’s a list of reasons to stay positive about the Utes basketball season. Also, a preview of the game against the USC Trojans.

The Oregon Conundrum

Utah cannot figure out how to win games against the Ducks and it’s very concerning. Plus, looking forward to the Utes next game against Oregon State.

The Most Important Week of the Utes’ Season

This is the most important week the Utes have, and they need to capitalize on it to save and energize their season.

Every Reason to Care About the Utah-Cal Game!

The Runnin’ Utes take on the Golden Bears in a game featuring two teams chasing different levels of basketball achievement.

Was the 2016-17 Runnin’ Utes season a disappointment?

Runnin’ Utes blow past Cal 74-44

Previewing the Ducks