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Ahmad Fields transfers from Utah

This has probably in the works for awhile.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Ahmad Fields is apparently not going to be around when Utah emerges from the post-Delon Wright era. With playing time likely not in the cards next season, Fields will be leaving the program.

Fields did not play much his freshman season. The emergence of Wright pretty much kept Fields on the bench; the Utes just dropped off too much when he left the floor. Dakarai Tucker took most of the backup minutes as well. With Wright coming back and Jordan Loveridge probably moving back to the 3, the rotation figures to be too crowded next season for Fields to emerge.  With three years of eligibility left, Fields will probably look for a place where he can immediately find a place in the rotation.

This probably will not hurt Utah too much. Kenneth Ogbe also figures to moonlight at the 2 and will likely compete with Tucker for backup minutes at the 2. Loveridge and Princeton Onwas will horde most of the minutes at the 3. This roster was just too talented for the Utes to hang onto everyone, so there was a chance that someone who wasn't seeing the floor would depart.

Fields is going to be a quality player somewhere. It just won’t happen in Utah.