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Utah basketball facility reaction

We discuss the implications of the new basketball facility, how it changes the game in the state of Utah, around the Pac-12, as well as how it impacts the women's basketball program.

Utah unveiled a new $36-million basketball facility this past week. Being built over the old HPER facility, this new basketball center is going to be a game changer. First of all, in-state there is nothing even remotely close to what Utah is building. This should further the gap between Utah and the other in-state schools. Larry Krystkowiak said this is going to be the nicest basketball facility in the Pac-12. Outside of Oregon and their bottomless pockets, that may not be to far fetched of a statement by Coach K. It will be interesting to watch how this may improve the quality of recruit that comes to Utah - especially on top of the recruits that Coach K has brought in already without this facility.

The area that many people are going to overlook is the impact on the women's basketball team. There likely aren't very many women's programs across the country that will have the type of facility the Lady Utes will have access to. The quality of everything around the program for Coach Levrets should improve - recruiting, training, nutrition, and moral.

We dig into these points and more on this weeks episode of The U Fan Cast!

Here are the renderings of the basketball facility

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