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Cal Bears vs. Utah Utes, Pac-12 Tournament Semifinal Open Thread

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Big win last night for Utah, now it gets a lot tougher as the Utes will be taking on the young and talented Cal Bears. Utah split with Cal during the regular season, with each team winning on their own home courts. In Berkeley, Utah struggled much of the game, but was able to keep within striking distance. In Salt Lake, the Utes kept Cal at bay most of the night, but was able to pull away late.

Now both teams are coming off of tough Pac-12 quarterfinal wins, Utah over USC, Cal over Oregon State. Cal is a tough matchup for Utah, as they have a lot of athleticism all over the court, but they are also really young. If the Utes can get Jakob Poeltl rolling, and the guards keep up their high level of play, they'll be in a good spot. However, if Utah turns the ball over, which they did a bit last night, they'll be in trouble.

Does the streak continue? Let's find out.

Go Utes