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Utah Basketball: Jakob Poeltl being projected to the Utah Jazz by ESPN's Chad Ford

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The NBA Draft Lottery was held Tuesday night, and the non-Playoff teams found out where they are going to pick in the 2016 NBA Draft in June. The lottery is a controversial system, but one that always generates a lot of buzz. Former Utah center Jakob Poeltl put his name into the Draft this year, and is working through the pre-draft process. The big man will be seeing his name thrown around to different teams over the coming month or so. If one of ESPN's NBA guys is right with his "Big Board" that he put out on Tuesday, then Jakob won't have to move very far.

Chad Ford has Poeltl being drafted by the Utah Jazz with the 12th pick in the NBA Draft. Of course, this likely won't happen, for any number of reasons, especially since we may see Poeltl's stock rise as we get closer to the Draft. However, for those of us that live in SLC, and cheer on the hometown Jazz, it would be rather exciting and interesting if Jakob ended up staying in Salt Lake. The Jazz have two good big men with Derek Favors and Rudy Gobert, plus an emerging young player in Trey Lyles. I think the Jazz would like to add some big man depth, especially if he's a talented big man like Poeltl. However, a lot of sentiment around the market is that the Jazz will continue to pursue perimeter scoring, but a big man to add to the rotation isn't out of the conversation. This whole conversation is moot if and when Jakob gets drafted higher, which I expect him to. But, still, it would be fun to see a Ute suiting up for the Jazz, at least I think it would be.