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Former Utah Basketball Players Working out for the Utah Jazz

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Utah's basketball team has many holes to fill going into the 2016-17 season, but many of the outgoing players have other concerns right now, namely seeing if they can land someone to play professional hoops, preferably in the NBA. Jakob Poeltl is going to be getting the headlines for former Utes in the NBA Draft, but a couple of others are looking to make big impressions, and three former Utes have worked out for the Utah Jazz.

The three names synonymous with reviving Utah basketball have all gotten a chance to work out with the Jazz. First, Jordan Loveridge made it to the Zions Bank Basketball Center to work out for the Jazz back in early May. Loveridge is a shooter, so that's one skill that can translate to the NBA.

"After looking at him early and watching him throughout the year I thought he might struggle a little bit more than he did," Walt Perrin, the Jazz vice president of player personnel, said. "There's somewhat of a hesitation in his shot and it's a little flat, so it's either going in or it's not going in. He doesn't get many that bounce around the basket. If he raises his elevation in terms of his release point, maybe it becomes a little softer." --

It'll be interesting if he could develop a little more foot speed, or even some improved ball handling capabilities to help make Loveridge more appealing to scouts.

This past week, both Daraki Tucker and Brandon Taylor laced them up to work out for the Jazz. Similar to Jordan, both Tucker and Taylor are shooters, so they have a skill set to start with. Tucker has good size and length that could intrigue some NBA teams, but his offensive game is limited. Taylor has an uphill battle beginning with his size. No one can doubt his heart, and he has proven he can knock down the deep ball, but D'ing up NBA players is a different story.

Ultimately, I think these three end up overseas, making a good living playing basketball. The Jazz bring in local players every year to give them a chance to see what they can do, and I think it's very cool for the home town NBA team to give the hometown college kids a look, even if they don't foresee them being an option.

The NBA Draft is in just a couple of weeks, and I know these three guys are going to do all they can to have a chance, maybe not to be drafted, but to have a chance with someone, somewhere.