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Roundtable Chat: Who should QB in '15 - Arizona Reaction - CU Preview

We talk about what happened up at Rice-Eccles last weekend, and who should head the Utah offense next year.

It's been one of the most exciting and maddening seasons in Utah football history. So many great wins, but also extra frustrating in the losses, because if Utah had a better offense, then who knows where they'd be. So in this episode of The U Fan Cast, we talk about who we think should QB the Utah offense next season. It was almost unanimous that the Utes may need a new starter next year.

We also touched on the game against Arizona, and the collapse at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Are the injuries finally catching up to Utah? Maybe the loss of Gionni Paul was the catalyst that made the Utah defense finally seem human. Utah made it worse on themselves Saturday because of the turnovers, and of course, the punt return that was called back.

And we also preview the game against Colorado, and one of us actually pick Utah to lose to the Buffs! For the Utes it's simple, get Devontae Booker the ball, because CU's run defense is terrible. Also, let the Utah defensive line get after CU, because the Buff's offensive line likely won't be able to keep Nate Orchard and corps out of the offensive backfield.

Check out this weeks roundtable chat of the week past, and the week ahead!