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NFL Draft 2014: Trevor Reilly rehabs his knee, once a onion eating world record holder

The man likes to eat, and he's remained a staple on NFL Draft boards.

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Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Reilly is going to be a player to watch in the 2014 NFL Draft. He has recently had to deal with a partially torn meniscus which has been scoped out, and his rehab seems to be going well according to this NFL Draft diary in the USA Today.

There's a lot of good stuff from Reilly in this USA Today interview. A lot of it involves incredible feats of eating, including consuming an onion at world-record pace.

We were at a church event and breaking world records when I was 16. They had everyone there for world's largest pillow fight, which was the main event, and there were other records like shoving grapes in your mouth and shoving kids in a Volkswagen. Everyone said, 'Hey, go up there and try to eat this onion.' You had to eat a 7½-ounce white onion the fastest you can.

I did it in 1 minute, 35 seconds. The old record was 2:40. I owned the world record for about a year until some guy from England beat me. You smell like onion for a couple days. I really don't eat onions ever since then. I've had enough to last a lifetime. It's funny, of all the things I've done in football, I'm known as the onion-eating guy still.

I have one other claim to fame: I can eat a Big Mac in one bite. I can shove it in my mouth and consume it. I never did that professionally or anything, but we used to see how many bites we could do it in and finally I got down to where I could do it in one. Just mash it in and swallow it.

It's not all fun and games for Reilly though. He's had to deal with his daughter's fight with cancer.

It's sounding like Shayn is cancer-free for now! Reilly talks about it at this NFL Combine interview. Also you can learn more about his San Diego roots.

Definitely check out this Pac-12 feature on Reilly and his daughter. It's well worth a watch.

Reilly has been projected at numerous places so far in this draft, even being ranked as high as a first round pick back in December. His rehab may have decreased his stock a little bit, but he is still very much in contention to be picked in the first three rounds.

Reilly says: "Some see me as a 4-3 outside linebacker, (or) 3-4 outside. If I gained weight, I think I could play defensive end. My last game of the season, I played inside linebacker. I think it's just going to come down to, if a team likes me, they're going to find whatever position they want me to play at.

Reilly isn't the only Ute who could be drafted high. Cornerback Keith McGill has also seen his stock rise thanks to an incredible performance at the NFL Combine. His Utah Pro Day was also impressive and he has definitely caught the eyes of scouts for his impressive physical talent. He is the tallest cornerback in the draft and figures to be picked up by someone sooner rather than latter.