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Utah football depth chart: Conner Manning moves ahead of Adam Schulz

We have movement!

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Some quick updates from the new midweeek Utah depth chart.

  • As many of you have been speculating, Conner Manning has finally made the move ahead of Adam Schulz on the depth chart. Manning has performed better this spring and it only seemed inevitable that he would climb up the chart. It looks like Schulz might have trouble getting snaps for the Utes going forward. Keep an eye on Brandon Cox too, who has also performed really well this spring according to Whittingham.
  • The biggest shifts came at wide receiver. With Kenneth Scott limited due to injury, it's Delshawn McClellon who has finally earned a starting role. McClellon has been getting plenty of snaps and shown plenty of improvement. Now he's finally earned a starting spot.

According to Stubblefield, McClellon is number one in explosiveness and least amount of missed assignments. It is important to remember that McClellon has shown flashes of elite play in camp before, so it is of great importance for him to maintain his current production.

"The jury is still out," admits Stubblefield. "I think the biggest thing for Delshawn is going to be himself. The difference between average and good and good and great is your mind-mental toughness-and I think with Delshawn that's always been a question, but so far (he's come) out a little banged up, a little tired, and he fought through it-so that was good to see."

The offense struggled in 11-on-11 work Tuesday, and Whittingham after practice attributed that to the return of junior defensive tackle Viliseni Fauonuku and an uninspiring effort from the guys up front. Whittingham said after practice that they’re continuing to "mix and match" to find the five best guys, and that he’s been very impressed by a slimmed-down Jeremiah Poutasi and junior center Siaosi Aiono. The other three spots are TBD

Thanks to Matthew Piper for all the updates!

    But what Masina lacks in bulk, he makes up with quickness. Manning the stud linebacker position for the better part of spring, he has a knack for getting to the play, even if he has to run across the field. And he doesn’t lack for a ferocious hit when he needs one: In Tuesday’s practice, he made a touchdown-saving tackle at the goal line.

    Your standout from spring practice earlier this week was a pretty special kid. Strap on the pads Mac!