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Micah Thomas to transfer from Utah Football after one season

The QB turned wide receiver has decided to leave Utah.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

As a bit of a surprise, Micah Thomas, a converted wide receiver from quarterback, has decided to transfer from the University of Utah football team after just one season.

Thomas, a promising young player, came on campus as a quarterback out of Texas, but all through recruiting he was told he would likely move positions - but he'd be given a shot at QB. This past spring the transition happened for him to move to wide out, and he even took some wild cat snaps in the spring game. While he was inexperienced and raw, his speed and skills were promising.

At this point it is unclear where the redshirt freshman will be transferring to, and the exact reason why he has decided to transfer.

Did he think he should be a QB, even if he was basically told that was a long shot at the U? Or was he going to be buried on the depth chart regardless of position?

Regardless, we wish Micah Thomas luck in the future!