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Discussion around Utah football's preseason depth chart

Fall camp inches closer everyday, and to give us a bit of a preview, Utah football released the 2014 media guide that includes the preseason depth chart.

Last season is long past, and now the attention is turning to a difficult 2014. Utah has brought in a lot of new speed and talent, as well as big names returning from injury. With the key additions of Tevin Carter, Kaelin Clay, and Gionni Paul to the program, plus with the return of Kenneth Scott and Brian Blechen from missing 2013, this is shaping up to be the deepest team that Utah has had since joining the Pac-12. As expected, there is a ton of interest in the QB depth chart, with returning starter Travis Wilson, Oklahoma transfer Kendal Thompson, and highly talented redshirt freshmen Conner Manning and Brandon Cox.

In today's episode of The U Fan Cast, we discuss what the preseason depth chart looks like and what it really means. We touch on depth at linebacker, and how scary it looks with all the injuries. We also talk about Kendal Thompson being listed number two on the QB depth chart, and he doesn't even have a number yet. The depth at wide receiver looks as promising as it has in years, and the defensive line is what we've come to expect from a Utah d-line.

What are your thoughts on this preseason depth chart? Is there anything that can be taken from it? Are there any surprises on it, either with someone on it or was someone left off? What changes are you expecting and hoping to see?

Listen/watch today's podcast and join the conversation! See the depth chart here.

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