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Pac-12 South Predictions

In accordance with day two of Pac-12 Media Days, we predicted the Pac-12 South race. How well does it line up with Pac-12 media?

In 2013, Arizona State surprised some, going 8-1 (11-3 overall), and won the Pac-12 South. Does ASU have the defense and offensive firepower to defend their South crown? We explore that very question.

The Pac-12 media released their poll, voting for UCLA in a run-away vote over second place USC. Arizona State is expected to drop three slots from last season into third place, with fellow Grand Canyon State university Arizona in fourth. Yes, folks, that drops the mighty Utes into fifth place, a position they've become accustomed to the last couple of seasons. Colorado, the former Big XII power, brings up the rear in sixth place. (If you're scoring at home, Utah received the third fewest votes, meaning they're picked to finish 10th overall in the Pac-12.)

You can see our predictions below and listen to the show in audio-only:

Pac-12 Media Poll Steven Jon Alex
Arizona State Arizona State Arizona State Arizona State
Arizona Utah Utah Arizona
Utah Arizona Arizona Utah
Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado
Listen Now to the audio-only version of The U Fan Cast:

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