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Utah Football Traditions: Which are our favorites? Which aren't?

As we get closer to Utah football kicking off, we talk about some of the best and worst traditions at Utah.

Utah football is inching closer, and the anticipation is starting to hit a fever pitch. Just one week before camp begins and one month before the start of the non-conference season.

Some of the most exciting things about the college football season are the traditions. Around the country, there is "Dotting the I" with Ohio State. There is the flyover at Air Force, the world's largest cocktail party with George and Florida, and so much more.

Here in Salt Lake City, at the University of Utah, we have some cool and emerging traditions. The notable ones are the third down jump by The MUSS, the drum between the third and fourth quarter, the blackout, and, of course, the tailgating.

In this episode of The U Fan Cast, we discuss some of our favorite traditions, and some of our not-so-favorites.

What traditions do you love? What traditions would you do away with? What traditions would you like to see added?

Listen to the audio only version of The U Fan Cast:

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