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Block U Pac-12 Power Poll - Week 1

The Oregon Ducks are No. 1 in our Week One Pac-12 Power Poll!

Steve Dykes

Here is our weekly Power Poll for the Pac-12, the top chart is the overall average Poll for the Block U staff, below that is our individual Power Poll ballots.

Give the Power Poll a look and weigh in on it, are we up in the night, or are we spot on? Let us know, share your Pac-12 Power Poll!

Block U Pac-12 Power Poll

Rank Team
1 Oregon
3 Stanford
6 Washington
7 Oregon State
T-8 Utah
T-8 Arizona
10 Washington State
11 Colorado
12 Cal

Individual Block U Staff Ballotts

Ranking Shane Steven Adia Alex Brian Daniel
1 UCLA Stanford Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
2 Oregon USC UCLA UCLA UCLA Stanford
3 Stanford Oregon Stanford Washington Stanford UCLA
4 Arizona State UCLA USC Stanford USC USC
5 USC Arizona State Arizona State USC Arizona State Washington
6 Oregon State Washington Washington Arizona Washington Arizona State
7 Washington Oregon State Oregon State Arizona State Oregon State Oregon State
8 Utah Utah Washington State Oregon State Utah Washington State
9 Arizona Arizona Arizona Utah Arizona Utah
10 Washington State Washington State Utah Washington State Washington State Arizona
11 Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado Cal
12 Cal Cal Cal Cal Cal Colorado