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Utah Football: Six Ute Football Players Invited to NFL Scouting Combine

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven't realized it yet, football season is over. Yeah, I know, it's awful. Now that it's the beginning of the off-season, all attention will be turned to Spring Football, and more importantly for graduated members of the team, the BFL Draft.

Today it was announced that six Utes will be participating in the annual NFL Draft Combine, the side show where players are poked and prodded by NFL executives. Going to Indianapolis are:

Gionni Paul

Jared Norris

Devontae Booker

Tevin Carter

Tom Hackett

Jason Fanaika

This will be a huge opportunity for all of these players, one way or another. For the linebackers, specifically Paul, can they overcome their size and show athleticism, and maybe more importantly nail the interview process? With Booker, can he eliminate any concerns about his knee, and show he is one of the best running backs in the draft? Can Tevin Carter show versatility to maybe move to linebacker?

There are a lot of questions these guys will be able to answer, and while this is the biggest stage for them, it won't be the last, as Utah's Pro Day will be a good fall back option if anybody underperforms.