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Utah Football: Three Things to watch at the Red and White Game

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, tomorrow is the end of all football until August. Sigh. With the the spring game kicking off tomorrow, here are some things to watch out for at Rice-Eccles Stadium, and frankly, they're no brainers.


Duh. This one is the one that everyone will be watch. Brandon Cox and Tyler Huntley will be leading each team, and fans will get a look at some good young QBs. Unfortunately, Troy Williams has been sidelined, so fans won't really get to see him until possibly the opener versus Southern Utah. Cox has had a very nice spring and has emerged as a legit contender to win the starting QB spot. Huntley has shown he has a ton of potential, but he's still adjusting to the college game. Although the defense will be limited basically just running  a base package, watch how the QBs handle the pressure and move in the pocket. Cox has done well with that this spring. It'll be fun to see if they'll go deep often in this game, and as we've seen thus far, Cox is more of a dink and dunker, while Huntley will let it fly to the speedsters on the outside.

Wide Receivers

This group is without Raelon Singleton and Tim Patrick, but it's a group worth watching, due to the struggles of the past year. Some names to watch out for: Caleb Repp, Kyle Fulks, Demari Simpkins, among others. Utah's receivers have been hit or miss this spring, but they've shown a good chunk of swagger, and are tired of being viewed as a weakness. You'll probably see a lot of swing passes, screens, as well as the return of the sweep. You'll also likely see Troy McCormick taking some passes out of the backfield, as well as Joe Williams. Of course, blocking is a big deal for the wide outs, and it may not be sexy to watch, but it'll be important to see how well this guys block on the perimeter.

Defensive Line

This may be a bit of a surprise, because they are so good, but that's the reason to watch them. This group is nasty, relentless, and boarder line unstoppable. It's fun just to watch these guys go to work, and when they're locked in, oh boy, they can reck house. The won't be able to do anything exotic, when it comes to stunts, twists, and blitzes, but they will be a force to watch, and it's fun.

What are you most excited to see from the spring game?