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Utah Football: Red vs. White Spring Football Game Open Thread

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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It's an overcast day here at Rice-Eccles Stadium, and the smell of tailgating is in the air, it's awesome to have some football in April. With that said, it's going to be a long 4 to 5 months until we get another dose of football. Every spring game is fun... Well, expect for last years dismal offensive showing. However, this season, there's a feeling of optimism about this game, as two young QBs are battling for the right to start in the fall. Sure, there will be plenty of starters sitting, but there are still a lot of open jobs up for grabs, including the QB spot as well as the wide receiving spots. With the lack of established starters in those spots, I'd expect a much better offensive showing this year, which wouldn't be too hard.

The game is going to be broadcast on the Pac-12 Network, so if you can't make it to Rice-Eccles, make sure to tune in, and join us to chat about the game as it progresses!

Let's talk football!