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Utah Football: Blogger Picks Utah to win the Pac-12 South

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago, one of my favorite writers for, Ted Miller of the Pac-12 Blog, wrote an article that many Utah fans love. He came out and picked the Utes to win the Pac-12 South, even this early on in the spring. Obviously, an article like that will get some fans excited, but it will also make some fans nervous. But as I've sat back and digested what he wrote, I figured why not Utah?

First, he brought up the strength that Utah has on the line on both sides of the ball (especially on defense). There are two teams in this conference that go into most games and will have the advantage on the line of scrimmage, one is Stanford, the other is Utah. Knowing that you can run the ball, and stop the run, are huge when a team goes into a game, and Utah's been able to hang their hat on that fact for the last couple of seasons.

Miller also brings up the point that the last couple of seasons, that even with a terrible offense (generally, not always) that Utah has won 19 games, and has been within a game of winning the division both seasons. All Utah really needs is an average offense to put them over the top, and while we haven't seen a ton yet, it appears Utah's offense is on the upward swing. Utah appears to have quite a selection from a group of talented dual threat quarterbacks, specifically Troy Williams and Tyler Huntley. Miller assumes that Williams will be the winner of the QB competition (and I'm in agreement with that), but early returns on the young QBs are very positive. Also, it appears that the wide receivers, have much more of a chip on their shoulder, and they should after the season they had last year. We haven't seen Tim Patrick yet, but he'll help this corps of receivers.

It appears that Utah's offense could take a bit of a step up, namely based off of a strong o-line leading a strong run game, with some new blood at QB. Take a quick glance of Miller's article, and you'll see his argument, and it may be hard to argue.

What do you think of Miller's write up, and do you agree or disagree?