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Talking Utah Football's Running Backs Going into 2016

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I jumped on with Mark Rogers and his YouTube channel a couple of days ago to chat a little bit about Utah's running backs going into the 2016 season. Of course, one big topic on conversation was what is Utah going to be missing with Devontae Booker moving on, and how will Utah fill in the hole he left?

We mainly touch on three names in the conversation, Joe Williams, Troy McCormick and Zack Moss. Those are three names that Utah fans should look out for going into the season, as it will likely be a running back by committee approach to replace Booker.

Of course, I try to give a little bit of love to the big uglies up front, the offensive line, as this crew will be a good one. When you combine a good crew of running backs, with a good and experienced offensive line, the running game will be productive.

Here's my short chat with Mark, as we talk a little Utah football!